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My nieces Communion celebrations today. Bakingly hot for an outside BBQ! A couple of ice cold beers soon put that right. It's wonderful that, now I'm 7 years alcohol indifferent cos of Baclofen, I'm able to have a beer or two without anybody looking at me as if to say "oh he's back on the booze again". It really is a great place to be.

I've got a mass of experience in helping Baclofen takers - - please contact me if I can be of any help.

Dr Phill


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It was my 56th birthday earlier this month. When I was 49 my GP told me that, if I did not quit the massive amount I was drinking at that time, I would be dead within 5 years.
Indeed, I have included what would have been my own post-mortem in a book I am currently writing. I dated it as 7th June 2015; my 54th birthday. I'm delighted to say that I did not hold that appointment!!
Anyway, on my birthday, my wife and I went out for a celebratory lunch, and I had 2 pints of lager and lime with my food. My wife never batted an eyelid, because for years now I have been totally indifferent to alcohol. And it's a wonderful place to be.
I truly hope that you are feeling just the same with your own experience of Baclofen.

Dr Phill
Hi there.

My first blog for almost 6 years. I'm celebrating more than 7 years sober on Baclofen.  It's a wonderful new life, with absolutely no cravings for alcohol; beautifully calm managed anxiety - in fact no inappropriate anxiety at all.
I'd love to hear your stories, and if there is any way that I can help or encourage you, please keep in touch.